Helping women through pregnancy and beyond.

So no matter what your circumstances, you’re not alone.

Immigrant & Pregnant

Pregnant? If you don’t know where to go for support, please ring/call 0403 760 200

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There Is Help

There are many ways in which you can be assisted with parenting your child, whether alone or with the child’s father. Identifying what your needs may be, practically, and emotionally 

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Prenatal Development

Although it may come as a surprise to some people, there is no debate within medical community as to when life begins. Life begins at conception. Therefore, every abortion ends

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Adoption in Australia

Despite one in six Australian couples being infertile 1 and many wanting to adopt children, adoption rates have dramatically declined over the past 4 decades to as little as 70 per year.

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Adopt A Mum

At Pregnancy Help SA we support pregnant women through their pregnancy and after, as many women feel quite alone and vulnerable during this time. How do we help?

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Down Syndrome

‘I Have Down Syndrome — Know Me Before You Judge Me’. The following story is from National Geographic Kids, Melissa Riggio shares her thoughts about Down syndrome.

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