Pregnancy Help SA is a not for profit Christian organisation. We are about supporting pregnant women and their families through their pregnancy and beyond. We believe every person – no matter his or her race, sex, colour, capability or size, is a unique individual created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). And because of this we uphold the view that every baby in and out of the womb has the right to life.
Pregnancy Help SA was formed by a group of men and women, including medical and business professionals, who were concerned with the high level of abortions and the lack of real assistance given to pregnant women in South Australia and other states.

Pregnancy Help SA offers women facing an unplanned pregnancy with relevant information and a variety of help and support. Pregnancy Help SA’s overall mission is to protect the physical, emotional and spiritual lives of women and their unborn children.

We further advocate that more than 90% of pregnant women would keep their unborn children if they are provided with practical and emotional support during this time.

Pregnancy Help SA does not refer women for abortions.