Adopt A Mum

At Pregnancy Help SA we support pregnant women through their pregnancy and after, as many women feel quite alone and vulnerable during this time. How do we help? We assign a committed Christian to a pregnant woman (a Mum). For example, if the mother is unable to go to doctors and hospital appointments she is assisted in this. The helper will also endeavour to provide the mother with the material assistance needed for her unborn child. Another example of help provided, is when the child is born. If the mother is on a working or student visa and has to return to work or study the adopting helper assists in caring for her child during the first year. This enables the mother to adjust and establish a healthy stress free environment; which is beneficial to herself and her baby. Most importantly, the adopting helper provides the mother with friendship during her time of pregnancy, as well as when her child is born. If you have the passion, love and time available to help a pregnant mother, please email us.

adopt a mum