How we help
At Pregnancy Help SA we listen to mothers and their families where they need support and help to continue their pregnancy. Every mother (and family) is in a different situation.


Material Assistance
Food, baby material items, accommodation, are all required by many working and student visa holders. Along with low income and single parent Australian’s. We help with providing material assistance where needed.


Financial Assistance
We support pregnant immigrants who do not have health insurance and face exorbitant costs to keep their unborn babies. We support pregnant immigrants on student visas who are working to pay for their fees as well as studying full time.


Moral Support
Immigrants also need moral support, as being in a new country and pregnant can be quite over whelming. Women on student visas need to keep studying to avoid being deported. Therefore we help mothers who have no to little support, with caring for their babies whilst at University. Women who are on working visas must continue to work. They also need help to care for their babies whilst working.


These mothers receive no assistance or money from the Australian Government; in short, they have to provide for themselves. Women who have a partner that threatens to leave them if they do not abort their baby feel quite alone. They need support and friendship during this time, and may also need emergency accommodation. Family members can make younger women feel pressured to abort their babies.


Many parents are often shocked and feel upset that their daughter has got herself into this situation, thinking it may interfere with her studies, career or reflect badly on their reputation. Parents may also need someone to talk to, as discovering their daughter is pregnant can be a shock to them.


Whilst these things are factors, young women can study during pregnancy, and after, and go on to finish school and university.


Young women need support and direction during this time, along with other family members. Pregnancy Help SA endeavours to assist all mothers and their unborn babies where we can.

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